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               Blades of Moria was founded by Bloodrunner in February 2010. Kin Blades of Moria was made by Bloodrunner. This name (Blades Of Moria) came from the name Mines of moria, hence, Protecting moria.

      Being a crazy dwarf addicted to Mining ore  dedicate himself to running amok in Middle-Earth, causing all sorts of trouble for the forces of evil. He's what you would call  a dedicated and  honourable leader keeping the spirits up for the whole kin and concentrates well also on serious matters.

      Our kinhouse, located in the 5 Roaring Road, Vendom, Thorin's Halls Homesteads, is full of nice trophies gathered by Blades in their adventures, but most importantly, it has a keg! Many times have we gathered round the keg to tell stories and ended up passing out and waking up pantsless in some corner of the map.

       Together we aim for borders of LOTRO gameplay and together we can do that. Swift and true - that’s what Blades of Moria are.


        If someone wants to get into Blades Of Moria he/she must be nice, kind and sound + trustworthy.

                        If so - fill out this form HERE and in "Subject" specify - recruiting.




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